Length 20 mm., width of the shoulders of the elytra 10,5 mm. — Coppery bronze; above dull greenish brown, the head shining, rather thickly punctured, raised along the middle, the raised streak narrowed between the eyes, and accompanied there by some yellowish hairs; the front margin of the clypeus emarginate in the middle and broadly rounded laterally. — Thorax punctate, the punctures large, rather wide apart on the disk, more closely set on the sides; two pairs of minute white dots are present on the anterior half of the disk. The scutellum elongate triangular, impunctate. — The elytra vaguely punctured, nearly impunctate near the scutellum, faintly rugose at the apex; the apical portion of the suture has on each side an angular keel which is strongly compressed but not prolonged at the end. A few white dots are present on the outer margin, near the suture, and along the middle of each elytron ¹). The pygidium is very scabrous, and shows four small yellowish white dots arranged in a curved line: two on the basal- and two on the hind margin. — Beneath shining; the sides of the breast and the hind coxae densely sculptured, the abdominal segments with a row of punctures across the middle and a yellowish white dot in the bind corners; the breast and the femora densely covered with long yellow hairs, the middle-and hind tibiae thinly fringed with similar hairs. The sternum is provided with an impressed longitudinal line, the sternal process strongly porrect, slightly recurved at the tip. The anterior tibiae strongly tridentate, the teeth slightly curved, slender and acute; the intermediate tooth the stoutest. The intermediate and posterior tibiae (especially the former) deeply notched about the middle on the outer margin, forming a sort of tooth at the base of the notch. A single specimen from Sumatra (Ludeking).