Mammals living in the tropics generally are greenish or blackish colored or have a lively reddish or red tinge; white mammals are great exceptions, nay there are only a few examples known, for instance the Madagascar Propithecus sericeus, the South American Diclidurus albus, the males of the Moluccan Cuscus orientalis. A highly interesting example of the kind is Gymnura alba known only from Borneo. It seems to be a rather rare animal like the other eldest known species of this genus, Gymnura Rafflesii 1) from Malacca and Sumatra. G. alba (Zeitschrift für die gesammten Naturwissenschaften, 1863, p. 277, T. 1, 2) is known from the northern parts of the island as well as from the southern, from British north Borneo and from Banjermassing; in Büttikofer’s collections is a specimen from Smitau, Central Borneo.