As I stated in my paper on the non-marine Molluscs of Surinam (p. 1 of this volume), our knowledge of the Mollusc-fauna of the Dutch colonies in America is only very little. In that paper I exposed all that is known, up to the present time, of the non-marine shell-bearing molluscs of Surinam; at present I will do the same with regard to the other Dutch colony in America, viz. the colony of Curaçao. This colony consists of two groups of small islands, all placed under one Governor, residing in the principal island Curaçao, which has given its name to the whole colony. One group, near the coast of Venezuela, consists of the islands Aruba, Curaço, Little Curaçao, Bonaire and Little Bonaire. The other group, situated in the northern part of the chain of the Lesser Antilles, comprises the small islands St. Eustatius, Saba and St. Martin; the latter only partly, viz. the south of the island, the northern part belonging to France.