Head brown, covered with a thin greyish pubescence, the under-lobes of the eyes more thickly bordered with ochraceous pile, two oblique stripes of the same colour on the vertex; mandibles black; a fine central line along the middle, antennary tubers bluntly toothed at the innerside. Antennae very long and slender, the last 5 or 7 joints generally more or less incurvate, the scape of the colour of the head, the other joints becoming gradually paler, being only infuscate at both the extremities. Prothorax rather longer than wide, the sides produced into a pointed tooth in the middle; the front margin straight, the basal margin tri-sinuate, with a shallow straight transverse impression near the basal margin, and another strongly angular one in front; the disc with a short impressed central line (which, however, is quite obsolete in one specimen), and some large distant punctures; brown, clothed with a greyish tomentum, ornated with three irregular longitudinal ochraceous stripes, one in the middle, not quite extending to the base, and a somewhat broader one near the sides; a few small ochraceous spots may be observed below the central tooth.