During his stay in Laboean (Delili, East-Sumatra) Dr. B. Hagen, to whom the Leyden Museum is indebted for large series of mammals, birds and insects, also collected a large number of snakes, the greater part of which were sent to our Museum. Dr. Hagen took a lively interest in snakes, and being convinced of the benefit a colonist might derive from the knowledge of the venomous snakes, living in his neighbourhood, he gave some years ago a description of those dangerous animals and their habits in the »Dehli-Courant”. As some of his statements were unknown to me and may perhaps be generally unknown , I shall take the liberty to mention these facts in this note, a newspaper as the Dehli-Courant being not likely to be consulted in matters of herpetology. Afterwards the Leyden Museum was presented with a collection of snakes from Dehli by Mr. J. Chr. Prakke, who collected them in the neighbourhood of his plantation at Langkat.