The Resident of Palembang, Sumatra, had the kindness to enrich our collections with four Mammals from different parts of his Residency; two are specimens of Gymnura Rafflesii, one is a Cynoyale Bennetti and the fourth a Herpestes brachyurus. The species are long-known ones, although not very numerous in the Musea; they therefore still are very welcome additions. The Controller of the Kikim reports: »that the forestiers »told him that the animal called Tampeline (Gymnura » Rafflesii) is rather rare in that country; these animals »are living two together in holes on the slope of a precipice or under the roots of large trees in the virgin »forest, they principally live on small animals (rats, insects »a. s. o.), though they are supposed to live as well on vegetable matter. My animal however did not like at all the latter food, but eagerly devored a couple of young mice »which I threw in its dungeon; it only lived two days »in confinment and especially briefly after its dead emitted »a strong onionsmell”. As a curiosity he mentioned that its stomach contained a quantum small stones and sand: to these observations I add, that the mentioned small stones have been preserved and are at a number of thirty about, measuring the largest 22 X 11 mm.!