In a »notice of two overlooked species of Antelope” by Mr. Edward Blyth (P. Z. S. L. 1869) we read on p. 55 the following passage: »Dr. Gray, in his »List of specimens »of Mammalia in the British Museum” (1850, p. 143), »under Strepticeros kudu notices »Var. smaller. Inhabits »Abyssinia; Mus. E. I. C.; Mus. Frankfort, adult and »young.” I consider this small kudu, of which adults of »both sexes are figured and described by Sir Andrew »Smith, to be decidedly a well-marked species; and therefore I now propose for it the name of Strepticeros imberbis.” As Dr. Gray did not publish in 1850 a book entitled »List of specimens of Mammalia in the British Museum”, Mr. Blyth apparently meant herewith the well-known »Catalogue of the specimens of Mammalia in the collection of the British Museum” published by Dr. Gray in 1852; and here we find on p. 134 (not 143 Blyth) under the head Strepsiceros (not Strepticeros Blyth) kudu: »var. 1. Smaller. — Mus. Ind. Comp. Lond. and Frankfort. Antilope Tendall 1), Rüppell, Abyssinia, 22; Fischer, Syn. 475. Antilope chora, Rüppell, Abyssinia, 22; Fischer, Syn. 475. Hab. Abyssinia.”