During the last twelve months our collection of indigenous birds has been augmented by 516 skins and about 65 clutches of eggs. Among the skins are two specimens of the black guillemot Cepphus grylle) a species, which was not yet represented in our collection. Of another species, also not represented in the collection and even new to the Avifauna of the Netherlands, which I have mentioned in a previous note in this volume 1), I had the good fortune to purchase a stuffed example, that has been shot some time ago in our country. Of three species, Colymbus imber, Egatheus falcinellus and Motacilla flava thunbergi, which belong to our rare visitants, I received this year examples, of the lastnamed species several ones. The following gentlemen presented the Museum this year with specimens for the indigenous bird-collection: D. Bakker, Dr. J. F. van Bemmelen, E. Blaauw, F. E. Blaauw, J. Boonstra, Jhr. W. C. van Heurn, C. Keyser Czn., J. M. van Oort, A. A. van Pelt Lechner, Dr. F. A. H. Schreinemakers, G. S. van der Spruyt, C. N. Tieleman, F. H. Verster and Mr. R. Baron van Zuylen van Nyevelt.