Mr. J. L. Weyers, the Belgian engineer, has sent me among other very interesting micro-coleoptera, all captured at his residence Tambang-Salida, situated at a distance of about 12 kilometres from Païnau (Padang: West Sumatra) in the interior, four species of Buprestids, three of which were well known to me, viz.: Endelus aethiops H. Deyr., Endelus Snellemanni Rits. and Trachys lepidoptera H. Deyr. ¹). Of the fourth, which also belongs to the genus Endelus, , I have failed to find any description, and I believe it therefore to be new. It has been found by Mr. Weyers, together with E. Snellemanni Rits. and empyreus H. Deyr. (of the latter I did not receive specimens), feeding on a species of fern; E. aethiops H. Deyr. likewise on a fern but of another genus, Trachys lepidoptera H. Deyr. however on a small plant of the family of the Melastomaceae. I make mention here of these observations as I believe such notices to be of scientific interest. I propose to name the new species, which is allied to E. scintillans H. Deyr. and Marseulii H. Deyr., in honour of my zealous correspondent