Appears to be allied to Trichogomphus Martabani Guér. ¹) from the coast of Martaban and the frontiers of Sylhet, by its punctate elytra, but is undoubtedly distinct, the cephalic horn being provided on the hinder surface of its apical half with a strongly compressed protuberance, the anterior margin of the prothorax being only inconspicuously emarginated behind the cephalic horn, the upper surface of the prothorax being regularly excavated and not obliquely raised towards the base (see Guérin’s figure), which gives a very different aspect to the prothorax when seen sídeways. Length 45—55 mm. — Upper surface, tibiae and tarsi black; under surface, femora and club of the antennae dark chestnut-brown; the pubescence of the under surface, legs and antennae reddish.