This new subspecies differs from the „ Priority-Form” of Th. clavicornis Horn by the larger size and by having the front between the orbital-parts a little less excavated, the two small punctiform impressions at the posterior disk of the front generally more developed, the extreme apex of each elytron less transversely (more obliquely) truncated and the punctuation of the elytra becoming hardly smaller and only a little less dense (than at its anterior half) behind the middle. The pattern consists of a narrow (but little curvated) whitish or whitish yellow line, running from the middle of the length of the lateral margin in a moderately oblique direction towards the suture (touching neither the margin nor the suture), a large whitish yellow spot at the apex, tapering behind and distinctly though irregularly enlarged towards the disk of the posterior half of the elytra, a long and broad yellow lunular humeral spot, not sharply defined and running, increasing in breadth, down till near the middle of the oblique whitish central line, an indistinct yellow basal-sutural line, which takes its origin at or near to the humeral angle, running to the suture and following the latter down till about the first third of its length, where it flows together with the central third or with the posterior half of the humeral lunular spot. Sometimes almost the whole yellow pattern of the elytra is indistinctly confluent. The metasternal middlepiece is whitish yellow or dark, the posterior coxae are whitish yellow. ♀ ♂ . Without labrutn 7¾ — 8½ mm.