Luciolam quasi simulans. Corpus oblongum, dense breviter pilosum; caput sat magnum, oculis magnis, globosis, subtus fere contiguis; antennæ duodecim-articulatæ, articulis tertio ad undecimum ramum duplicem emittentibus, ramis haud longis, subflabellatis, pectiniformibus; palpis omnibus articulis ultimis apice acuminatis. Abdomen ad apicem conoideum, segmentum genitale maris (octavum) supra et infra fissum. Tarsi quinque-articulati, haud membranacei, ungues simplices. The general appearance of this remarkable genus is that of some of the Lampyridæ, and I should have placed it in that family, but that the abdominal structure is so different to anything among the Luciolides with which I am yet acquainted. At the same time the 12-jointed antennæ and their mode of insertion, as well as the absence of any indications of luminosity remove it still further from any member of the same subfamily.