Mr. P. J. van der Kellen, a young Dutchman, was one of the Members of an expedition to the Cunene-River under the head of Mr. D. D. Veth, son of Dr. P. J. Veth, formerly Professor in Leyden. This expedition scarcely was in Mossamedes so Mr. Veth fell sick and soon afterwards died and by his death the expedition finished. Mr. v. d. Kellen having arranged the affairs of his late friend Veth resolved not to return home, but, being the naturalist of the named expedition, to explore Mossamedes and the interior of South-Africa and to make zoological collections for the Leyden Museum. He is collecting in every branch of zoology and what he collected up to this date is in the Leyden Museum, with the exception of a couple of specimens and some duplicates, which are now in the hands of Mr. W. Schlüter at Halle a/S.