Length 6 mm.; breadth at the shoulders 2,5 mm. — Black; the antennae, with the exception of the basal joint, and the palpi, pale ferrugineous; the basal joint of the antennae, the margins of the prothorax, the under surface of the body, and the legs, dark brown-red. — Rather elongate, strongly punctured all over, the punctures on the prothorax and on the under surface of the body somewhat smaller than those on the head and on the elytra. The head with a large, somewhat pear-shaped longitudinal impression. The prothorax slightly transverse; the lateral margins flattened, and, a little behind the middle, angularly constricted; the sides of the anterior portion strongly and regularly rounded, those of the posterior portion divergent and minutely sinuated before the acute posterior angles, which are directed backwards. The middle of the disk raised towards the anterior margin so as to form a conical gibbosity which is emarginated at the top and covered with erect fulvous hairs; on both sides of this gibbosity an oval patch of a long and dense pale yellow pubescence is present. On the middle of the posterior margin, opposite to the scutellum, a small although very distinct tubercle may be observed. The scutellum of a somewhat elongate pentagonal shape.