Resembling Pachyteria Lambii Pasc. from Penang or from the coast opposite the island, judging from the description and figure ¹), but in the new species the colors are darker and the punctuation of the bright colored basal half of the elytra is less dense. Length from the front margin of the inter-antennary ridge to the apex of the elytra 24 mm., breadth at the shoulders 8 mm. — Nearly glabrous, subnitid. The head and the pronotum very dark reddish brown, brighter however on the face and on the base of the mandibles; the four basal joints of the antennae, as well as the extreme base of the 5th joint, black, the 3rd and the 4th joint covered with a black velvety pubescence; the 5th and succeeding joints pale ochreous. — The scutellum blackish brown. — The basal half of the elytra reddish ochraceous ²) with two dark longitudinal lines, indicating the costae; the apical half black with faint metallic tinges and covered with a short black pubescence. — Body underneath and legs black, with blue and violet tinges; the anterior tibiae covered on the inside and the anterior tarsi covered above with an ochraceous pubescence.