In his short paper on the fauna of the Malayan Archipelago S. Müller ¹) states, that Hystrix fasciculata is found in Sumatra, Java and Borneo. In this he must have been mistaken, and seems to have confounded H. javanica with H. fasciculata. H. fasciculata, Shaw ²) is the Porc-épic de Malacca, Buffon. 3) Wagner 4) also confounded this species with H. macroura, L., which is the Porcus, aculeatus, sylvestris sen Hystrix orientalis singularis, Seba.5) The H. macroura has the tail half the length of the body and head (Seba), H. jasciculata one third (Buffon), the Java Porcupine, which has a very short tail, only nearly one fifth.