Allied to Helota Feae Rits. from Burma and Vandepolli Rits. from Borneo, but differing from both in the pale colour of the antennae, in the more prolonged apices of the elytra and in the larger size of the yellow elytral spots. From Feae it is moreover at once distinguished by the want of the reddish testaceous lateral streaks on the pronotum and by the regularly rounded apical ventral segment. From Vandepolli it differs by the flavous lateral streaks of the prosternum and by the flavous basal half of the claw-joint of the tarsi Length 14,5 mm. — Shining; rather narrow, elongate, narrowed in front and behind; dark bronze above, here and there with a strong violet gloss; the antennae and the extreme anterior angles of the pronotum testaceous; the four convex yellow elytral spots ovate, rather large and situated between the 3rd and 6th striae. Underneath yellow testaceous, with the exception of the head, the extreme margins of the prosternum, a spot between the the anterior and intermediate coxae, and the elytral epipleurae, which parts are dark pitchy or bronze coloured. The legs are yellow testaceous, with the trochanters, the knees, the apex of the tibiae and the tarsi (with the exception of the basal half of the claw-joint) black.