Elongate, much depressed, narrowed behind, bright reddish brown, shining. Head very broad, moderately convex, obliquely narrowed behind the eyes, which are rather large and prominent, very finely and sparingly punctured on the disc, the punctures rather stronger near the margins and much closer and somewhat stronger behind the eyes, with a rather feebly impressed and punctured line at the base not reaching the sides; epistoma extremely finely and sparingly punctured, with a distinct impression at the base; mandibles large, moderately convex, somewhat finely punctured and coriaceous, strongly dentate and the apex bifid; jugular processes sinuous, only slightly converging anteriorly. Prothorax transverse, extremely finely and sparingly punctured on the disc, more strongly near the sides, the median line very indistinct; all the angles rounded; sides feebly arcuate. Scutellum impunctate. Elytra nearly twice as long as the head (exclusive of the mandibles) and prothorax together, considerably narrowed behind, moderately strongly punctate striate, the interstices not very broad and impunctate, the striæ disappearing posteriorly leaving the apex smooth. Under side coloured as above, except the jugular processes, the mouth-parts etc. which are almost piceous, and the middle of the sternum which is rather paler reddish brown; prosternum finely and not very closely punctured; meso- and metasternum more distinctly and closely punctured especially near the sides; abdominal segments rather more closely punctured. Legs reddish brown, the knees and outer margins of the tibiae darker, tarsi pale testaceous.— Length 10—12 mm. Hab. Ceylon (Lewis, Braine etc.).