A skin of a male antelope, collected by Mr. A. Sharpe in Southern Angoniland has been described by Mr. Oldfield Thomas under a new specific title, Rhaphiceros Sharpei (P. Z. S. L. 1896, p. 796, plate XXXIX); the author had no cranial evidence of its age, as the skull of the individual was wanting. Mr. Oldfield Thomas remarked that it is »a Rhaphiceros with the white markings of the Grysboh (melanotis), but with the feet of the Steinbok (campestris)”, i. e. no accessory hoofs. Now the description and the figure of this animal, its small size, its short horns, its relatively short ears make the impression as if it is a young Grysbok; the absence however of the accessory hoofs is the difficulty: but if we suppose that those very small — especially in a young specimen — accessory hoofs have been lost during the preparation of the flat skin by the collector, then I see no reason to give it a new name, then it is a young Grysbok (melanotis).