According to my » Synopsis” of the described species of the genus Helota 1), this species is allied to Helota Vandepolli Rits. 2), from Borneo. It is however larger and proportionately broader than that species, and at once recognizable by the pale colour of the antennae and the more strongly raised interstices between the lines of punctures on the elytra. Length 13 mm. — Shining; rather narrow and elongate; upper surface golden bronze; the antennae pale testaceous; the four convex yellow elytral spots are small, surrounded with bluish black and situated between the 3rd and 6th striae. The colour of the undersurface is reddish testaceous, with the exception of the head (without the throat), the lateral portions and the front margin of the prosternum and the elytral epipleurae, which parts are of a brassy green or bronze colour; the legs are reddish testaceous, with the apex of the femora, the base and apex of the tibiae, and the tarsi (with the exception of the basal half of the clawjoint) black or dark pitchy, whereas an infuscate stripe is present along the upperside of the anterior femora.