In my paper „0n a Bhawania-specimen, a contribution to our knowledge of tbe Chrysopetalidae” (Notes from the Leyden Museum, Vol. XXX, p. 219, pl. 9) to my great regret I omitted to mention Bhawania Goodei, described by Webster in his „Annelida from Bermuda” (Bulletin of of the United States National Museum, N°. 25, 1884, p. 307). Like as with our specimen, unfortunately no good view of the head was obtained; also the different structure of the upper- and underside of the paleae has not been recognized by Webster. I overlooked also two other species, described by Johnson in his „Preliminary account of the marine Annelids of the Pacific Coast” (Proceed. California Acad, of Sciences, (3) Vol. I, 1897, p. 153), Chrysopetalum occidentale and Heteropale bellis. The genus Heteropale undoubtedly is closely allied to Paleanotus, for it possesses also three antennae and four eyes, the anterior of which are large and crescentshaped; according to Johnson however there is only one tentacular cirrus on each side. Leyden Museum, May 1909.