Nigro-cyaneus, squamis albis variegatus; ore, antennis, palpis, pedibusque pallidis; occipite, prothoracis disco, elytris maculis duabus lateralibus, alteraque suturali communi, et fascia postica nudata coeruleis, his striato punctatis. — Long. 8 millim. ♂. This lovely little Callimerus is allied to and resembles C. mirandus, but may be distinguished by being smaller, and more densely clothed with white scales, and whereas in that species there are three lateral blue spots or patches, here there are but two. The punctures which are in series are also larger and deeper in C. ornatus, the head is shining steel-blue, behind the centre of the eyes, with a few scattered small punctures, the epistoma and front densely clothed with scales. The thorax has the middle, and a line across the tubercular part of the sides denuded and shews some large punctures. The elytra have each a somewhat triangular spot on the shoulder, an irregular one on each side near the middle, a common one on the suture between these two, and a fascia near the apex, widest on the suture and margins denuded of scales, shining steel-blue and shewing the series of large, deep punctures. The apex is also blue, but has a few setae and detached scales. Of the underside the middle of the sterna and abdomen is nude, the rest thickly clothed with the white scales.