This new species is closely allied to and strongly resembles Schizorrhina Whitei Thoms. (= Emiliae Thoms. ¹) nec White) of the same locality, but can at once be distinguished by the different shape of the elytra which are broadly truncated posteriorly, and strongly spined at the suture. Length 18 mm.; breadth at the shoulders 9,25 mm. — Entirely of a bright metallic green, spotted and striped with fulvous-yellow in the following manner, which however will probably prove to vary individually as in the allied species: on the head: a small spot between the eyes; on the pronotum: the thickened lateral margins without however reaching the hind margin, a narrow irregularly edged line on each side, more or less parallel with the lateral margins and divided into three spots of which the anterior and intermediate ones are of an elongated shape, the posterior one of a transverse triangular shape, and two square somewhat obliquely directed spots before the median lobe;