Elongato-ovalis, obscure piceum, tibiis tarsisque dilutioribus, dense subtiliter punctatum, pube grisea depressa maculatim conspersa sat dense vestitum; prothorace concavo, longitudine latiore, sub-semi-elliptico, lateribus reflexis, prope angulos posticos acutos leviter sinuato, margine basali fortissime punctato-crenata; scutello dense griseo piloso, subrotundato; elytris elongato-ovalis, stria suturali subimpressa, apice parum perspicua, carina humerali brevi, distincta; subtus dense griseo pubescens. — Long. 7 mm. Of an elongate elliptical shape, slightly convex, blackish brown, closely and finely punctured all over, now and then appearing to be faintly rugose; the under surface densely covered with a yellowish grey pubescence; on the upper surface the pubescence is of a more bright grey color and more or less divided in patches. Tibiae and tarsi of a lighter color. Thorax broader than long, elliptically narrowed and rounded anteriorly, the lateral margins strongly upturned, the disk concave in consequence; just before the posterior angles the lateral margins are faintly notched; the posterior margin is provided along its whole length with deep, slightly elongated pits, which make it appears strongly crenulated. Scutellum of a rounded triangular shape, as long as broad. Elytra elongate-ovate, close to the suture a vestige of a shortened line; the prominent portion of the shoulder forms a short fold having a keel-like appearance.