The increase of the collection of indigenous birds of the Leyden Museum during the last twelve months was an important one. Not less than 787 skins and more than 800 eggs in clutches have been added to the collection. Among the skins there are again some very interesting species such as: Megalestris skua, Cepphus grylle, Casarca casarca, Picus martius, all rare birds in our country. I have the pleasure to mention the following gentlemen, who presented our collection with more or less interesting examples: F. E. Blaauw, J. Boonstra, C. de Bruyn, A. Burdet, C. F. H. Dumont, R. van Eecke, Jhr. W. C. van Heurn, C. J. van der Klaauw, A. Kohlbeck, P. de Koning, E. Loeb, Mr. H. A. Lorentz, M. van Mens, H. M. Rose, Jhr. F. de Roy van Zuidewijn, B. Scheelings, Dr. H. E. Th. van Sillevoldt, Ch. van Spall, G. S. van der Spruyt, the late C. N. Tieleman, F. A. Verster van Wulverhorst, F. H. Verster and J. C. Wäkerlin; more special thanks are due to Messrs. R. van Eecke and Jhr. W. C. van Heurn, the first presented to the Museum a fine collection of indigenous birdskins, 93 specimens belonging to 55 species, the second enriched the Museum with a collection of about 460 eggs in clutches of native birds.