When occasionally looking over the specimens of the genus Rhipidura in our Museum, there were so many puzzling questions which could not be satisfactorily dissolved at once, that I decided to a comparative revision of the whole genus. This revision is not solely based upon our own material, but also on the rich and well-arranged collection in the British Museum, which I had the good fortune to look through during my recent visit to London, and amongst which I found several species , which were published after the issue of Dr. Sharpe’s excellent Catalogue of the Muscicapidae. As in this catalogue the synonymy of each species is well-established up to the date of its issue, it would be of very little value to give it here once more, and I restricted, therefore, all synonymical remarks to those species about which I differ from the author of the Catalogue and to the species which were published afterwards. As to the limits of the genus, I agree with Dr. Sharpe in including the genera Leucocerca and Sauloprocta; ; moreover I found, and Dr. Sharpe adheres now to this opinion, that the genus Neomyias, established in his catalogue, has to be reunited with Rhipidura.