1. Xylinades affinis Chevrol. in litt., judging from a typical specimen received from Mr. Chevrolat, is not a variety of Xylinades Westermanni Schönh., but identical with Dejean’s Xylinades marmoratus. described by Mr. Roelofs in the Notes from the Leyden Museum. Vol. II (1880), p. 237. 2. Xylinades Chevrolatii Dej. Cat. (ed. 3a, p. 259) is easily distinguished from Xylinades Westermanni Schönh. by a deep and well-defined more or less tricuspidate or crown-shaped impression on the middle of the pronotum, a little before the ante-basal keel (which inter alia is interrupted in the middle), and by the narrower and more elongate antennal club.