Supra niger, pube subtili grisea leviter vestitus; carina interoculari medio late sejuncta; clypeo basi mediocriter coarctato; antennis totis ferrugineis, articulo secundo quarto breviore, tertio quarto longiore; pronoto latitudine breviore, antice attenuato, basi noncarinato; elytris a basi ad apicem attenuatis, leviter striatis, interstitiis sat dense sub-rugulose punctatis; pedibus tarsisque ferrugineis. — Long. 4 1/8 mm. Body oblong, moderately convex above, rather considerably and gradually narrowing from the base of the elytra towards their apex; pitch-black all over, thinly covered above with a fine and short greyish pubescence, which is rather more conspicuous and more yellowish at the base of the pronotum and elytra. Head not very closely punctured, not rugose. The interocular ridge widely separated at the base of the epistome. The forehead not carinated longitudinally. The epistome but little narrowed at its base, almost as broad as the space between it and the eye. The antennae entirely ferrugineous, the first joint longer than the two following together, the second conspicuously shorter than the fourth, the third more elongated than the fourth, the following hardly longer than broad, becoming gradually longer towards the tip. The pronotum shorter than broad, rather convex, narrowed towards the front margin, more distinctly so at the anterior half; the posterior median lobe short, rather sunken, without any trace of a longitudinal line at its base, but with a slight oblique impression on both sides of the median line; densely punctured, especially at the sides, but not rugose. The elytra rather considerably and gradually narrowed towards the apex, rather finely but visibly striated, their interstices densely punctured and slightly rugose transversely. Under surface of the body pitch-black, rather considerably and densely punctured. The prosternal sutures distinctly furrowed, anteriorly closed against the angle of the prosternum. The legs ferrugineous.