JUNGHUHN was among the first to name foreign species of fungi. He made large collections in Java and published a paper that was finely illustrated, in 1839. If all of his types were destroyed many of his species would still live, for he gave good accounts of them and good figures of many of them. All of the figures that he cites were not published as it was his intention to continue the work, and he numbered his paper „Fasc. 1,” but no further paper were issued by him on the subject. Dr. GOETHART assures me that the originals of JUNGHUHN’S figures are not preserved in the museum at Leiden. However, there are at Leiden colored drawings of a large number of Javanese fungi, and they are the best I have ever seen of tropical fungi. The name of the author of these icones has been lost, but I think I have found evidence to trace them to ZIPPELIUS. Most of them are named as new species and it was evidently the intention to publish them, and it is unfortunate that they were not published as they were mostly „new species” at that time. Many of them have been named since. I hope to have more to say as to these icones in a future letter.