= Panicum adustum NEES var. mattogrossense PILG. in Engl. Bot. Jahrb. XXX. [1901] p. 131. This species is very different from the true Digitaria adusta (NEES) GRISEB. and to distinguish by the flat, broad, glabrous leaves, the rather obtuse more turgid spikelets with a shorter pubescence and the shorter and whitish clavellate hairs, moreover also by the nearly equal length of glume II and III (the upper glume and sterile lemma). Digitaria adusta GRISEB. differs in the narrower, pungent, firm, convolute blades, hairy sheaths with velvety pubescent scales at the base of the plant, the spikelets are narrower, lanceolate and acutish, the upper glume in D. adusta is much shorter than the sterile lemma and both have longer fulvous hairs. Most allied to Digitaria adusta is ARECHAVALETA’S Anthaenantia Hackeli and only to accept as a variety of D. adusta: Digitaria adusta var. Hackeli (Arechav.) Henr. nov. var.