The present bibliography on pelagic Tunicates has been compiled over a period of 4 years, mainly by the first author. It is meant, not as an official publication, but as a working aid for students of pelagic Tunicates. It comprises about 1300-1400 different titles of books and articles. For obvious reasons the mere listing of all those titles in alphabetical order would be impractical for specialized demands. Splitting this list in as many subheadings as possible in a way like the Zoological Record would be ideal. However, many articles and books are difficult to place under one heading; the same titles would have to be mentioned under a number of different headings. With as many headings as possible this would mean a multiplication of the 1300-1400 titles to an impractical amount. Moreover, at present only part (60%) of the titles mentioned below have been checked and abstracted by the authors; for specialized subheading all articles and books need to be studied. It was decided to meet both ends and an unspecialized subdivision was made into six headings: Copelata, Salpidae, Doliolidae, Pyrosomidae, General Zooplankton and General Tunicates. The important articles or books concerning more than one of the systematic groups have been listed under more than one heading. For instance: “Thompson, H. Pelagic Tunicates of Australia” can be found under Copelata as well as under Salpidae, Doliolidae or Pyrosomidae. General zooplankton papers or books, in which pelagic Tunicates are not a major subject, are not listed under several headings, but are compiled under “General Zooplankton”. General articles or books on various subjects of the Tunicata as a whole are listed under “General Tunicates”.