During 1957 two important collections of fishes were obtained from off the coast of Suriname and adjacent regions. The first of these was made by the motor vessel “Coquette”, a commercial shrimp trawler which engaged in exploratory work for the Government of Suriname. Mr. JAMES B. HIGMAN of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service was invited to accompany the “Coquette” during part of this work, and the collection of fishes which resulted was due largely to his efforts. The second collection was obtained by the motor vessel “Oregon”, exploratory vessel of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. During November, 1957, the “Oregon” occupied over a hundred trawl stations along the northern coast of South America between Venezuela and the Equator. Most of these collections are now in the U. S. National Museum and the Chicago Natural History Museum. Both the “Oregon” and the “Coquette” collections contain representatives of a distinctive new species of Lonchopisthus. The definition of this species has required a review of the western Atlantic species of the genus. I take pleasure in naming this new species of Lonchopisthus from Suriname in honour of its collector: