This paper is intended as the first of a series concerning the Surinam heteropterous fauna. Although our knowledge of these insects in Suriname is still very incomplete, a survey given in this phase of investigations may well have its justifications. In the first place, it gives us an idea of what is really known about this subject at present, and in the second place, it will perhaps encourage further investigations. In Suriname there is a great need for compilations which are also of use to the biologist whose work is of a more practical nature. Much attention is therefore given here to the diagnostic characters, and keys are added to identify the species. As literature is difficult to obtain in the Guyanas, I have given a more detailed account of every species instead of referring to any original description only. Moreover, in the case of many species no detailed description has yet been given. Literature references are not exhaustively treated here; only the most important sources pertaining to the taxonomy dealt with or particularly concerning the Surinam fauna are given.