Some 22 taxa of barnacles, including 19 Balanomorpha, are recorded from a large number of Caribbean localities, ranging from S. Florida to Trinidad, and from the Panama Canal Zone to Barbados. Balanus reticulatus Utinomi is recorded for the first time from the region and its morphology compared with B. amphitrite amphitrite Darwin, with which it has been confused. Chthamalus stellatus bisinuatus Pilsbry is raised to full specific rank and details given of the morphological differences between this species and the other common Caribbean chthamalid, C. angustitergum Pilsbry. Full discussion of the distribution of barnacles in the Caribbean is reserved to a later occasion, but some details are given of the relationship of the Chthamalus species to environmental factors. It is suggested that C. angustitergum in contrast to C. bisinuatus is especially adapted to life in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, with their low standing crops of plankton and little detritus.