This brief survey is based on the material collected by Dr. P. Wagenaar Hummelinck in 1936/37, 1948/49, and 1955. Station numbers only are cited; they refer to the “Description of new localities” in Volume IV of this series (1953; marine habitats p. 56-77) and to a “Third list of localities” which will be published in a forthcoming volume. Other localities, which are not numbered, are, as a rule, briefly described in the text. Material assembled by a few other collectors has been added to Hummelinck’s collection. The names of the collectors are always mentioned, abbreviated as follows: Av.: R. Aveledo, Caracas Be.: J. G. van den Bergh, Aruba BL.: T. Blok, Curaçao Bo.: Mrs van den Bos, St Maarten Co.: R. M. Collens, Tobago Ga.: Wiesje and Hendrikje, the two little daughters of Mr. and Mrs. K. J. van Gaalen, Aruba. Za.: J. S. Zaneveld, Curaçao.