The material of the present report — 82 species of opisthobranchs and 2 lamellariids — ranges from western Florida to southern middle Brazil with Curaçao as centre. We thankfully acknowledge the collaboration of several collectors. Professor Dr. DIVA DINIZ CORRÊA, Head of the Department of Zoology of the University of São Paulo, was able to work at the “Caraïbisch Marien-Biologisch Instituut” (Caribbean Marine Biological Institute: Carmabi) at Curaçao from December 1965 to March 1966, thanks to a grant received from the Royal Government of the Netherlands. Dr. PIETER WAGENAAR HUMMELINCK, of Utrecht, sent us his collection from the Caribbean area and Florida; Mrs. GERMAINE L. WARMKE, M. Sc., of Gainesville, Fla., her specimens gathered chiefly at Puerto Rico, and Professor Dr. FREDERICK M. BAYER, of Miami, continued to present us with animals from Florida, accompanied by admirable kodachromes. The indications (B), (C), (H), (W) after the date signify the collector. Dr. HUMMELINCK’S station numbers (H 1049A, 1057C, etc.), under which a description of the habitat can be found, refer to his list of 1930—1949 localities in the 4th volume of this series, or to a forthcoming paper, in which the 1955—1964 localities will be described.