Some years ago I described Hofstenia miamia from Virginia Key, in the Miami area (CORREA 1960, p. 211 ff.). The species was based on a single specimen found among algae in the intertidal zone. When a grant from the Government of the Netherlands gave me the chance to work at the Caribbean Marine Biological Institute, Curaçao, I found the species again. Many specimens came up from Thalassia and algae growing in low water in Piscadera Baai in February and March 1962. Though these worms are only 4 mm in length, they occur sufficiently frequently to attract the attention of future workers, and are therefore published as new members of the fauna of Curaçao. Moreover the species seems to be rather common in the Caribbean Sea, as Dr. P. WAGENAAR HUMMELINCK (Utrecht) found it quite accidentally on July 17, 1955, in Deep Bay, Antigua, among algae in the low-tide zone of a rocky beach, without Thalassia. I take the opportunity of extending and emending my previous description by means of this larger material.