This paper contains some morphological and statistical data on a number of Ozolaimus populations gathered from entire specimens of Iguana iguana iguana — injected with formaline and/or alcohol for general purposes only — and from a few intestinal tracts that had been preserved separately. Further research on these samples — which, on the whole, still contain quite a number of other nematode species — has been entrusted to Dr. E. Caballero y C., México. All Iguana specimens studied (see Table 6) were collected by Dr. P. Wagenaar Hummelinck, with the exception of Nos. 11 (Dr. J. Boeke), 11a-b (Dr. A. C. J. Burgers), 45-50 (Dr. D. C. Geijskes), and 51 (unknown collector). The hosts — except for Nos. 8, 11a-b, 45-50 — have been deposited in the State Museum of Natural History, Leiden, and in the Zoological Museum, Amsterdam.