On Jamaica many of the endemic land birds are poorly known from an ecological and behavioral standpoint. Therefore, the following information on the food, foraging behavior, and habitats of the Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo Saurothera vetula), obtained while engaged in other studies, should be helpful in the future analyses of this species. To my knowledge the only references to its food habits are that of GOSSE (1847) who found invertebrates (caterpillars, locusts, and spiders) and vertebrates (Anolis lizards and a mouse) in the stomach of this species and of DANFORTH (1928) who found a large green lizard Anolis garmani) and beetles in the stomach of a bird he collected. The Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo is widely distributed, occurring from lowland limestone scrub forest to montane forest. Throughout its distribution it prefers dense woodlands and thickets, although on occasion it is found in more open country.