A few years ago, an interesting collection of fresh-water fishes from Trinidad was presented to the Leiden Museum by Mr. J. S. KENNY, fish culturist of the Trinidad Department of Agriculture. For this gift we are also greatly indebted to Dr. P. WAGENAAR HUMMELINCK of the Zoological Laboratory at Utrecht, who kindly acted as intermediary. Most specimens were collected by Mr. J. L. PRICE, a few by Mr. W. A. KING-WEBSTER or by Mr. KENNY himself; a few more were added by Dr. WAGENAAR HUMMELINCK. All examples had already been identified and, evidently, represent part of the material assembled during a survey of the fresh-water fishes of the island, reported upon by PRICE (1955) in a valuable though rather scarce publication. During the usual examination preceding addition to our collections, a procedure which was expected to be merely a matter of routine, questions arose concerning the identifications of various samples. Some of these will be discussed in the annotated list of species in the present paper.