Some twenty-five years have passed since short descriptions were published of marine and saltpond habitats sampled in the Caribbean during three zoological collecting trips made by the author in 1930, 1936/37 and 1948/49 (these Studies, vol. 4, no. 17, 1953). Sampling of the shallow coastal waters of the Caribbean was continued in 1955, 1963/64, 1967, 1968, 1970 and 1973, during six visits the main purpose of which was not always the study of the marine fauna. Although collecting was done single-handed and rather incidentally, with no other equipment than a knife, fine-meshed nets, formaldehyde and alcohol, the material collected proved to be sufficiently valuable for scientific purposes to justify the publication of a list of the new marine localities. In this paper the descriptions of the “Marine Habitats”, published in 1953 (p. 56-58) are included, but those of the “Salt Pond Habitats” (p. 69-77) are only referred to.