An earlier report (BACON, 1976) described collections of Cirripedes from Trinidad containing 26 species. These included 4 Lepadomorpha, 21 Balanomorpha and 1 Sacculinid from intertidal and shallow water habitats. Eight additional species are reported on here, further notes are given on two of the Cirripedes listed previously and on a recent revision of the Trinidad Chthamalidae by DANDO & SOUTHWARD (1980). Information on the sister island of Tobago is sparse. BOSCHMA (1931, 1969) recorded Sacculina bicuspidata and Lernaeodiscus crenatus on crabs and SOUTHWARD (1975) listed only Lepas anatifera, Tetraclita stalactifera, Tetraclitella divisa and one species of Chthamalus from intertidal localities. A provisional list of the Cirripedes of Tobago is given here, using these literature sources and unpublished records.