Seven species of Tubificidae and Enchytraeidae (Annelida: Oligochaeta) from Antillean coastal shallow waters have been studied. – The following new Tubificid taxa have been described: Marcusaedrilus hummelincki, gen. n., sp. n.; Kaketio ineri, gen. n., sp. n.; Limnodrilus bori sp. n., and Phallodrilus adriaticus caraibicus, subsp. n. Two new occurrences and some remarks have been added to Peloscolex gabriellae Marcus. Limnodriloides roseus Pierantoni, L. pectinatus Pierantoni, Spiridion scrobicularae Lastockin, L. gurwitschi Hrabe, and Thalassodrilus belli Cook have been transferred to Curacaodrilus; the transference of Bohadschia pierantonii Hrabe has been suggested. Intestinal glandular epithelia have been found in Curacaodrilus sinus and Kaketio ineri. Ventral glands (copulatory ?) have been described from the preclitellar segments of Kaketio ineri. – Of the Enchytraeidae a new subspecies, Marionina achaeta nevisensis, has been described.