The material brought back by Dr. P. WAGENAAR HUMMELINCK from his various trips to the West Indies includes a number of starfish, which — with exception of the specimens belonging to Astropectinidae, Echinasteridae and Goniasteridae — were given to the present author as a subject for taxonomic examination. This resulting contribution to science is the outcome of no more than a few months of practical work under the direction of Dr. HUMMELINCK, and can therefore not be other than a rather superficial study, in which only additional material from the museums in Amsterdam and Leiden has been considered. The material covered in this paper comprises: Oreaster reticulatus (L.), from BIMINI, NEW PROVIDENCE, CUBA, JAMAICA, HISPANIOLA, ST. MARTIN, LOS TESTIGOS, MARGARITA, BONAIRE, ARUBA, and BRAZIL. — Plates III—VI. Linckia guildingii Gray, from BIMINI, NEW PROVIDENCE, ST. KITTS, BONAIRE, KLEIN BONAIRE, CURAÇAO, ARUBA, and BRAZIL. — Plate VII. Ophidiaster guildingii Gray, from CURAÇAO. — Plate VIII. Asterina folium (Lütken), from COLOMBIA (Santa Marta). — Plate IX. Asterina hartmeyeri Döderlein, from ST. JOHN, ST. MARTIN, BONAIRE, and ARUBA. — Plate IX. Asterina marginata (Perrier), from BRAZIL. — Plate IX. Luidia senegalensis (Lam.), from ANTIGUA, COCHE, VENEZUELA mainland, COLOMBIA (Rio Hacha), and BRASIL. — Plates X—XI. Luidia clathrata (Say), from “WEST INDIES”. — Plates X—XI. Luidia alternata (Say), from COLOMBIA (Río Hacha). — Plates VIII, X.