Professor Dr. DIVA DINIZ CORRÊA, Head of the Department of Zoology of the University of São Paulo, was able to work at the “Caraïbisch Marien-Biologisch Instituut” (Caribbean Marine Biological Institute: Carmabi) at Curaçao from December 1965 to March 1966, thanks to a grant received from the Government of the Netherlands. There she collected 26 species of Polyclads, and took notes of their shapes and colours. Furthermore Dr. PIETER WAGENAAR HUMMELINCK, of Utrecht, sent us a large collection of polyclads from the Caribbean area, gathered on his trips from 1930 to 1964. He had also collected in 1963 in the Miami area. We received some samples from the latter area from Prof. Dr. CORRÊA and Prof. Dr. FREDERICK M. BAYER, of Miami. Drs. LILIANA FORNERIS, WALTER NARCHI, and SÉRGIO DE ALMEIDA RODRIGUES, all of São Paulo, gave us interesting Brazilian material.