The author is indebted to Mrs. C. S. OLDENBURGER – EBBERS, Mrs. J. S. DE LEEUW VAN WEENEN – DE HART and Mr. F. VAN DER HEIDE for allowing him to include a number of measurements and other data, produced during their student’s practical course in taxonomy at the Zoological Laboratory of the Utrecht University in 1967-1969. CARLA OLDENBURGER (cf. Table 2, Figs. 27-34) and JEANNETTE DE LEEUW VAN WEENEN (cf. Figs. 39-41) studied the greater part of the Cicindela material, while VAN DER HEIDE (cf. Table 5, Figs. 42-46) examined most of the Megacephala specimens. Loans from the Science Museum of the Institute of Jamaica and from the British Museum (Natural History) are gratefully acknowledged. Several interesting specimens collected by Dr. Ir. R. H. COBBEN (Wageningen) and Dr. F. CHALUMEAU (Guadeloupe) have also been studied, while a few specimens from the Zoölogisch Museum of Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden are included for comparison. Dr. CHALUMEAU and MICHAEL A. IVIE (Columbus, Ohio) kindly informed me about their coleopterological activities. Furthermore I greatly enjoyed my contacts with Dr. THOMAS H. FARR (Kingston, Jamaica) and Mr. C. M. C. BROUERIUS VAN NIDEK (Voorburg, Netherlands).