The systematic place of “Cypraea” mus Linné is discussed, and it is concluded that the species belongs in Siphocypraea (Akleistostoma). The “varieties” tuberculata Gray and bicornis Sowerby should be withdrawn; they are only forms with callosities. Callus formations are often found in Cypraeidae. The distribution has been compiled from definite locality data; it covers the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and the coast of Venezuela as far as East of Paraguaná. S. mus does not occur around Curaçao or any other island of the West Indies. “Cypraea” surinamensis Perry belongs in the genus Propustularia. It is a Caribbean species, localities in Africa being incorrect. The locality data are compiled from the literature, most records date from the nineteenth century. Since the species is very rare, its exact distribution remains uncertain.