In 1936 VIETS published a description of Copidognathus angustus, based on a single female. In material made available to me through the Smithsonian Institution, Oceanographic Sorting Center, collected in the Caribbean Sea I found a male, which undoubtedly belongs to this species. Many of the characteristics of C. angustus described by VIETS (1936), e.g. 3 porose areas on anterodorsal plate, 2 costae on posterodorsal plate, these not extending to anterior margin of plate, long rostrum, reaching to end of third palpal segment, long, conspicuous lamellae on legs, may also be found in other Copidognathus species of tropical and subtropical waters. A supplemental description of C. angustus is therefore necessary. I am grateful to Dr. G. HENDLER (Smithsonian Institution) who made halacarid material from the Caribbean Sea available to me.