This catalogue resulted from our attempts (since 1963) to accommodate and modernize the labelling of type-material of Recent fishes in the collections of the Zoölogisch Museum Amsterdam (ZMA), now named Institute of Taxonomie Zoology, University of Amsterdam. We traced 6625 type-specimens of 714 nominal species or subspecies, 228 of which are primary type-specimens (holotype, lectotype, or neotype); moreover, the collection contains one or more syntypes of 222 nominal (sub-) species. A few syntypes are presently indicated as future lectotype in the collection, awaiting publication by various specialists. Such specimens are not distinguished in this catalogue. It is possible that lectotype designations for some species have been validly published, which have escaped our attention. Certain records in the literature of single syntypes as “the holotype” cannot be considered designation of the lectotype. For example, Menon’s (1977: 88-89) “holotype” of Cynoglossus heterolepis is still one of the syntypes (now in the British Museum (Natural History), London).

Verslagen en Technische Gegevens
Staff publications

Nijssen, H, van Tuijl, L, & Isbrücker, I.J.H. (1982). A catalogue of the type-specimens of Recent fishes in the Institute of Taxonomic Zoology (Zoölogisch Museum), University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Verslagen en Technische Gegevens, 33(1), 1–173.