The Dalskog Dais-Rostock area lies in the Swedish province of Dalsland, to the west of lake Vänern. It lies entirely within the Upperud sheet of both the topographic (1926) and geological map (1870) and comprises parts of the parishes Gunnarsnäs, Dalskog and Ör. As shown by the outline map (fig. 1), the investigated region is situated in an area of gneiss-granites and supracrustal formations, which lies to the west of lake Vänern as an island in the great, highly metamorphic complex of gneisses of southwestern Sweden. In the adjoining table the geological events wich left their marks in the rocks of the Dalskog Dals-Rostock area are listed in chronological order. For the sake of clearness the table has been completed with data known from the adjoining regions, but these are placed in parentheses.